Landlord's Guide

How much is the letting going to cost me ?

The initial valuation of your property by Alexanders is complimentary. A member of our experienced team will engage in a discussion regarding the pricing of your property and the optimal approach for achieving it. You only incur commission fees upon the successful letting of your property. Throughout and following the letting process, you will consistently have access to an experienced lettings manager.

How to prepare your property for renting ?

Before listing your property on the market, it's essential to conduct a thorough assessment and address any decoration and cleaning requirements before renting it out. If you currently reside in the property, it may be challenging to identify necessary improvements as you're immersed in it daily. Seeking a second opinion from one of our letting staff is advisable to ensure nothing is overlooked.


Your property might necessitate a licence for renting, contingent upon the regulations set by the local borough. Alexanders Estate Agents is equipped to offer guidance regarding the necessity of a licence and can advise accordingly.

Information on Selective Licencing in Ealing Borough.

Furnished or unfurnished?

Properties are available for rent in either furnished or unfurnished conditions, and our lettings staff can offer guidance on the most suitable option for your property. Unfurnished properties typically include essential appliances like a fridge/freezer and washing machine. If you opt for a furnished rental, basic furnishings such as beds, wardrobes, sofas, and dining table sets are expected. While additional electrical appliances may be left, you are responsible for replacing them if they malfunction. It's not recommended to leave personal belongings behind, and all items must comply with safety regulations.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

Current legislation mandates obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) before marketing your property, which must include specific information. Our lettings administrators can assist in arranging an EPC for your property.

Conducting a property viewing

We conduct viewings during the following hours: Monday to Friday: 9am—8pm Saturdays: 9am—5pm Sundays: By appointment. We always ensure the proposed time is convenient for you before confirming with a prospective tenant. Our negotiators handle all property viewings, so your presence is not required. Typically, we hold keys and can access the property as per your instructions. Please ensure all keys necessary for accessing windows, fire escapes, or a garage are available. Before a viewing, it's advisable to tidy up quickly, ensure the house is well-aired, and eliminate any unpleasant cooking smells or pet odors. If the property is tenanted, personally inspecting it beforehand to ensure suitability for viewings is recommended. If you choose to be present during a viewing, allow time for viewers to discuss the property alone before they leave. Avoid asking viewers if they like the property; they may spontaneously share their thoughts. Nevertheless, we will provide you with feedback following each viewing.

How long does it take to find a tenant?

With our extensive advertising, high street branches and reputation it could only take a matter of days. We are able to maximise the speed of let due to our computerised databases that match properties to potential tenants and inform them by email and SMS. We also undertake all the usual marketing as mentioned previously to ensure we find you a tenant as quickly as possible.

Receiving an offer

Once a prospective tenant has submitted an offer, we will promptly inform you both verbally and in writing. Occasionally, there may be a negotiation process regarding the price. While negotiations can be challenging, collaborating with us grants you access to our expertise in this area, ensuring a favorable outcome.

Accepting an offer

The offer made will be contingent upon satisfactory references, and it's important to note that nothing is legally binding until the tenancy agreement is signed. Throughout the process, our lettings administrators will keep you updated at every stage and provide you with the references and a draft tenancy agreement for your review and approval.

Gas Safety Certificate

Properties equipped with gas installations and appliances are required to undergo annual testing to ensure they are in proper working order. A copy of the certificate must be provided and left at the property for inspection by the tenant. Our lettings administrators can arrange this inspection for you, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Electrical Safety

Before the commencement of a tenancy, all properties must possess a satisfactory Electrical Inspection Condition Report. It's advisable to arrange this when marketing the property, as there may be remedial works necessary to meet the required standard. If needed, our lettings team can facilitate an inspection for you, ensuring compliance and safety standards are met.


Before a tenancy commences we advise instructing an inventory clerk to prepare a record of the condition of the property prior to the tenant’s occupation. A copy should be provided to each party. Our lettings administrators will be able to arrange this for you.

Rent & Deposit

Prior to the tenant's move-in, we will collect the first month's rent and deposit. Once all necessary documentation is received and agreements are signed, the tenancy can officially begin. It's important to note that current legislation mandates all deposits to be registered with an appropriate body within fourteen days of the tenancy commencing. Rest assured, we will ensure compliance with this requirement.

Statutory Documentation

At the start of a tenancy, tenants must receive copies of all safety certificates and the latest "How to Rent Guide." Our lettings team will take care to ensure that all necessary documents are served to you, ensuring full compliance with regulations.

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